US agency withdraws proposed rule that expanded biometric collection for non-citizens — Times of India

MUMBAI: The US division of homeland safety (DHS) has withdrawn a rule proposed by the sooner Trump administration, that would have expanded the scope for amassing biometrics by eradicating age restrictions; requiring submission of biometrics for each applicant, sponsor, beneficiary, or different particular person submitting for or related to any immigration or naturalization (citizenship) profit or request except this requirement was particularly waived or exempt. The proposed rule had additionally authorised use of further varieties of biometric modalities equivalent to palm prints, iris scans, voice recognition and in sure situations DNS. The proposal which additionally enabled collection of biometrics from minors had come underneath quite a bit of flak. DHS’s withdrawal of this proposed rule is per President Joe Biden’s govt order — Resorting Faith in Our Legal Immigration Systems and Strengthening Integration and Inclusion Efforts for New Americans. It is geared toward decreasing obstacles and burdens within the immigration system. However, DHS will proceed to require submission of biometrics the place acceptable and it stays dedicated to nationwide safety, identification administration, fraud prevention and program integrity, states an official launch.

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